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Don’t settle for being well-traveled; learn to travel well.  Tayrona Capital Financial Group offers some major incentives, enabling members to love both their destination a...

Diciembre 17, 2018

Don’t settle for being well-traveled; learn to travel well.  Tayrona Capital Financial Group offers some major incentives, enabling members to love both their destination and their travel. By placing a great emphasis on Entertainment and Hospitality, Tayrona Capital Financial Group guarantees a unique and unparalleled travel experience for all of it’s members. Explore exotic destinations you’ve never been to, or revisit your favourite destinations in ways never dreamed possible. Tayrona Capital  Financial Group makes it happen.

Privilege Luxury Club

Why travel simply for the destination when you could travel to enjoy the entire vacation? Travel includes so much more than simply finding a great destination. Tayrona Capital’s Privilege Luxury Club is world renowned in the hospitality industry. Why? Simply because the club guarantees that each trip for you is the best one yet. Access to preferential rates, room upgrades, special benefits regarding hotel’s amenities, and VIP privileges are just a few of the many first class services offered to members of this exclusive travel club.

Tayrona Capital  Financial Group ensures that the world is at your fingertips. Boasting investments totalling over US$50 billion, and the inclusion of more than 1,000 hotels worldwide, Tayrona Capital  Financial Group continues to forge ahead in leading the hospitality industry.

Membership is structured using a six tiered system, beginning with blue and climaxing with diamond. While there are many many advantages to each level, the diamond tier truly stands out as exceptional. Included is unique access to privileges at world-class, luxury hotels such as Shangri-La, Capella’s palatial properties, and Angsana’a tropical sanctuaries.

Regardless of the tier you belong to, the Privilege Luxury Club offers each of it’s members the pinnacle of hospitality perfection by providing a 24/7 concierge service to care for every aspect of your travel plans. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Privilege Luxury Club.

Privilege Fractional Ownership

Rather than having to buy a high-end property outright, with Tayrona Capital’s Privilege Fractional Ownership program, investors have the option of owning a luxury holiday villa, or owning shares of an entire resort.

Unlike your typical timeshare, in which one only acquires the rights to spend a certain amount of time at a property, fractional ownership excels by providing investors with a title deed. Inevitably, the value of the investor’s share will be greatly influenced by the market. Values may grow and shrink accordingly. Each investor has the authority to independently sell the deed or have it passed on by means of a will.

Flexible ownership options are available to suit any budget, and to facilitate all investment needs. For example, one may choose to invest in a larger share of an up-and-coming property still in the development stage. On the other hand, to enjoy the benefits of having rental income immediately from their investment, others may choose to purchase a share in an established resort. Both options have great earning potentials. Investment in a future property will gain income from tourist bookings of the villas, while investments in established properties will see income from the hotel’s annual EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciations, and amortisation).

Tayrona Capital Financial Group

With over US$50 billion invested so far, hospitality is a priority for Tayrona Capital Financial Group, however not their only specialty. In addition, the firm has interest in fund management, trading programs and tax credit schemes and financial advisory services.

Clients benefit from the services of a private bank and a private equity investment firm. With their headquarters in Singapore, the company has a banking presence in more than 15 nations and holds reserves of more than US$3 billion, thus allowing them to provide 100 per cent financing their projects.

For some 19 years, Tayrona Financial has been recognised as a fully regulated financial institution, capital market services intermediary and investment adviser by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Furthermore, the company oversees projects under operation under the financial jurisdictions of the UK, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

Tayrona Capital Financial Group Black MasterCard

Proving to be an absolutely stellar combination, the Tayrona Capital Black MasterCard boasts all the perks of the Black MasterCard with those of the Privilege Luxury Club and Privilege Fractional Ownership.

This is truly a unique card, belonging in any serious traveler’s arsenal. Rewards are on a one-to-one ratio, with one point for one dollar spent, which can be redeemed for a two per cent cash back rebate when used on the purchase of flights. Additional benefits include free lounge rights in over 1,000 airports worldwide, and an annual US$100 travel credit, redeemable with flights, baggage fees and in-flight purchases. Business trips may be inevitable, but by taking full advantage of the Privilege Luxury Club membership, fractional ownership of a property, and the Tayrona Capital Black MasterCard, any traveler can sleep well and, come home relaxed.

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